Mel B: E-Bay Auction

As I looked further into the Pose For The Cure website I found that starting September 23, Mel will also be auctioning off Pink inspired designer clothing and accessories from her very own closet on E-bay, with all the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Mel has searched through her wardrobe and will be auctioning off an array of shirts, handbags, sunglasses, pants, jackets, and cardigans from designers ranging from Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci to Nicole Miller and Daisy Fuentes.

Bid on your own set of Spice fashions between September 23rd and October 10th on ebay.com.

Mel B: Posing For A Cure

For all of you who thought Mel B was the least charitable Spice Girl, get a load of this. Mel B is teaming up with Kraft Foods "Pose for the Cure" campaign by designing limited edition breast cancer awareness t-shirts that will go to benefit the Susan G. Komen breast cancer research organization.

Here are some details about the shirts from the Pose for the Cure website.

Mel B- Melanie Brown of the hit group, The Spice Girls, now branching into fashion- champions the battle against breast cancer with her own ribbon design in white reversed from a field of multi-tone pink water-color-like splashes, all artfully applied to a 60% cotton / 40% polyester short sleeve T-shirt. Could anyone other than Mel B. make a statement this wearable? Purchase one for yourself, a loved one, or anyone else looking to say that they, too, have joined the fight!

The t-shirts are being sold for a set price of $24.99 (with free shipping and handling costs) and is available at http://www.poseforthecureshirts.org/ .


Victoria Beckham: Signature For A Signature

The lucky fans in Manchester, England got a little dose of Mrs. Beckham today as Victoria appeared at the Harvey Nichols store in a stunning all white ensemble (complete with what looks like wings) to promote her newest His and Her's fragrance collection entitled Signature.

The fans who bought a bottle of Signature between the hours of 11am and 1pm today were given the opportunity to recieve an autograph from Posh when she arrived.

The fragrances will officially be launched in North America in September.

For those of you who are mindful of perfume concoctions here are the breakdowns for the line.

Signature for Her is: a fruity floriental developed by perfumer Sylvie Fischer (who also created Intimately Beckham Night For Men), and includes notes of anise flower, candy apple, orchid, heliotrope, vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk.

Signature for Him is: a fresh woody oriental developed by perfumer Beatrice Piquet (who also created Beckham Instinct and Instinct After Dark). The notes feature mandarin, watermelon, marine notes, fresh living lantana, cypress, juniper berry, moss, sensual white amber and patchouli.

Victoria has stated that, "You’re getting a piece of David and me with this."
The two sets will be sold in both 50 and 75 ml. bottles and range in price from $50 to $75. Pretty looking bottles, aren't they?


Mel B: $400,000 Wedding Vows

Rumours are swirling around the internet that Mel B will be renewing her wedding vows to husband Stephen Belafonte at an upscale resort in Egypt in the near future. The couple is reportedly going to be paid $400,000 by OK! Magazine in the UK in order for the magazine to cover the event in the pages of one of their issues.

Since they married in a secret service last year in Las Vegas, the couple has talked about throwing a renewal service in order for their family and friends to celebrate their union. The payment from OK magazine will definitely help in paying for the party but according to a source for The Daily Mail in Britain,

"They are obliged to fill certain requirements. One of these is a certain quota of well-known faces - family and close friends simply won’t do."

OK! Magazine has covered many events in the Girls lives including Mel B's first wedding to back up dancer Jimmy Gulzar, Victoria's wedding to David Beckham, and the first pictures of Geri's daughter Bluebell.

Spice Girls: Ozone Interview

OMG I just found this hilarious interview with the girls from '97 with a UK interviewer, where the girls literally start smacking eachother thanks to instigator... Emma?

Victoria is genius.

Interviewer: "I can't seem to be able to turn on the t.v...."

Victoria: "Why?"

Spice Girls: We Are Family (Live In Arnhem '98)

Last but not least, the Girls ecstatically perform the Sister Sledge classic We Are Family before being sucked back into their Spice Craft. Hope you enjoyed watching this show.


Spice Girls: Never Give Up On The Goodtimes (Live In Arnhem '98)

It took me until just now to see it, but Emma's hair kinda makes her look like a bunny rabbit.

I love this song, I love the retro feel, I love the choreography, I love the outfits. It's my favorite song off the Spice World album (of the upbeat tracks anyway) and I really wished it would have been a single but sadly it didn't make it.

We've got one more song to go in these postings.

Spice Girls: Viva Forever (Live In Arnhem '98)

"The light that burns twice as bright, burns half as long and you have burned so very very brightly." How true was that for our Girls? I love these coats that they are wearing. I dream of one day owning a coat like Geri's...and I'm okay with that.

Spice Girls: Mama (Live In Arnhem '98)

"Don't be cryin' on me now".

Spice Girls: Spice Up Your Life (Live In Arnhem '98)

Join a conga line and Spice Up Your Life. I find it hilarious that Melanie C just flat out tells Geri to shut up. Tragic foreshadowing? I don't think so but you decide.

Spice Girls: Wannabe (Live In Arnhem '98)

Geez, the Netherlands television production team seem to be O.D-ing on the screen projections aren't they? I can barely see the girls through all the "wanna"'s flying at me. Oh well, good times nonetheless.

"I think she might be dead." Too cute.

Spice Girls: Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (Live In Arnhem '98)

Yah Baby! The two Mel's rock out on this cover of the Aretha Franklin/Eurythmics duet Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves. Definitely one of the best moments in the show.

Spice Girls: Walk Of Life (Live In Arnhem '98)

It seems that the Girls only performed this b-side from the Too Much single on the European leg of the Spice World tour. Mind you they only perform the first verse and chorus..but still, it's more than we got.


Spice Girls: 2 Become 1 (Live In Arnhem '98)

Maybe I'm just flat out of my mind but I love these outfits. They just look comfortable. Anyone?

Spice Girls: Naked (Live In Arnhem '98)

Okay I had to choose another subscriber for the video of this song, hence why the video is a bit elongated. This is my favorite song from the Spice album and the other video had screwed up sound quality which I found unexceptable lol. So here we go.

Spice Girls: Say You'll Be There (Live In Arnhem '98)

I wish I knew why Melanie C yells out licorice...but I don't.

Spice Girls: Lady Is A Vamp (Live In Arnhem '98)

The second Act of the Spice World show began with the Girls performing the broadway-esque, big band Lady Is A Vamp. Mel B is very hot in her nearly nude body suit. Plus, you gotta love Geri's dress. Tassles are always a good thing.

Spice Girls: Move Over (Live In Arnhem '98)

Anytime I get to watch the Girls perform this song, it's always a joy and a half. I love how they just strip naked one of the Spice boys.

If I remember correctly, this is where the Girls took a half hour intermission during the show on this tour. Finishing Act 1 with a bang.

Spice Girls: Where Did Our Love Go? (Live In Arnhem '98)

Emma is left on her own to perform Where Did Our Love Go by Diana Ross and The Supremes, and invites on stage a young boy who looks as if he has just been kidnapped. Awwwwkkkkwwwaaarrdddd.

Spice Girls: Stop (Live In Arnhem '98)

The Girls introduce the Spice Boys by name and for some reason I just realized how odd Victoria's singing voice is. Why that fact never entered my mind before I have no idea. I mean I think she has a lovely voice but it's so unusual.

Spice Girls: Too Much (Live In Arnhem '98)

Time to slow it down. It seems as if Geri is losing her voice.

Spice Girls: Denying (Live In Arnhem '98)

Okay, I know I've posted this song before but I'm doing so again because the other one has been removed from youtube and it's important to have a video in which Geri is wearing rollerskates. Upon closer inspection, Victoria's spiceboy is pretty goodlookin' as well.

Hope you guys are enjoying these posts.

Spice Girls: Do It (Live In Arnhem '98)

"Wouldn't it be good if you had a double?" Introducing the Spiceboys. If I had a double that looked like Geri's...that would be very good.


Spice Girls: Who Do You Think You Are? (Live In Arnhem '98)

Swing it, shake it, move it, make it, God I love this song. Who didn't perfect this dance routine in their bedrooms while dreaming of a better life than the ones they had. MMMMMMMaybe not so much the latter part. Hotness!

Spice Girls: If You Can't Dance (Live In Arnhem '98)

The doors open and there are our five girls. It sort of shows in Geri's face that she is maybe not that into it or maybe she is just having a bad day with a lot of things on her mind.

No matter, it's nice to see her doing her spanish solo, especially since when I saw them in Toronto on this tour she had already left and it was just her voice. I guess none of the other girls wanted to learn spanish in order to do it.

Spice Girls: Intro (Live in Arnheim '98)

Hi Everyone,

You've been so good to this young man by supporting his little website that he started purely out of fun and excitment for a group that he loves...why the hell am I writing in third person like I've died? Okay, I wanted to do something special since I have been so horrible at maintaining this page in the past couple of months. I've found an entire show that the Spice Girls did on their first world tour (before Geri left the group) from Arnhem, and I am going to post the entire thing. I won't get it all posted today but I'll probably have it all up by tomorrow evening.

Here is the introduction screen projection of their spaceship landing on our dark and dreary world where they plan to take over and brighten up our lives (as they did).


Poll Results # 19

I wish we could have made it to an even 20 but sadly this will be the last poll results post, due to lack of participation and lack of idea's for new poll's. Hopefully more news stories will be released in the not too distant future that will have me posting like a maniac once again (and make the readership go up) but until then, here are the results of the last poll in order of most voted for. The question was, Which Spice Girl do you think has the largest gay following as a solo act?

Geri (with 40% of the vote)

Victoria (also with 40% of the vote)

Melanie C. (with 20% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 0% of the vote)

Emma (also with 0% of the vote)

I think if we give Melanie B more time she will totally become a strong gay icon. Well that was fun, I hope to bring the poll back some day but until then, it can rest in peace.

PS. I am in no way going to stop posting altogether, it's just that the girls (for the most part) seem to be taking a break so there is not alot of ground to cover. Mel B's album should be out soon though. Hoorah! I'll try to post video's but youtube is being a bitch and a half lately.

Melanie C: Pregnant Spice

Wow, sorry it has been so long but the news surrounding the girls has been extremely quiet lately. I've been trying to add some video's but I keep getting error messages from youtube which is a huge pain in the ass but at least I got the new Melanie C video up (even if it did take a week and a half to actually post onto the page).

Some joyous news has just been revealed about our dear Sporty Spice. She and her long time boyfriend Tom Starr have officially announced on Melanie's official website, that they are expecting their first child together.

The statement read as follows,

Hi Everyone

Some Happy News!

Well, I can now announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy.

As I'm sure you'll understand we needed time to wait for results and tell our families. Thank you for all your kindness, good wishes and support (even if it was based on speculation!). You all know how much I value my privacy so I'm sure I can rely on you to respect that, particularly at this time. I will be taking it easy but am also excited to start writing for the fifth album. I'll need some time off to be a mum but, before you know it, we'll be back.

Also check back on the site over the next week or so…Uncles Paul, Greg, Nick, Scott, Vinnie (and me) are planning a UK gig somewhere 'up north' for a great cause (rocking out is not easy at the moment so it'll be a full band acoustic gig).

Love Melanie xx

Congratulations to the happy couple.


Melanie C: Understand Music Video

Here is the brand spankin' new video from our darling Melanie C. It's basically a tribute to her Canadian tour and show's live coverage of her various performances and appearances at certain events (the MMVA's and such). While the rest of it is her on the Subway in Toronto fawning over some random stranger, showcasing the storyline of the song. Like ya do.

Me likey!