Solo Spice: Victoria @ Holt Renfrew

This post will probably be long winded and non-sensical but I have to at least give this story a try.

I wasn't actually going to go to Victoria's autograph signing at Holt Renfew on Tuesday afternoon but when I got to work I started thinking that if I didn't at least attempt to meet her in person when she was right here in my fair city I would probably end up kicking myself later (or perhaps something worse than kicking).

So I discussed it with my co-workers who each told me to go, "it will be worth it in the end", they told me. At the time I agreed with them lol.

So off I went at around 10:30am, driving my little Chevy downtown and arriving at Holt Renfrew at around 11:15. By then there was already a packed VIP line section (people who had shown up at around 7 in the morning and most of which had bought either her sunglasses or jeans (which were on sale for her to sign), and quite a bit of a line growing behind it. I made my way to the end where I immediately clicked with a few people in the line including Michele, Ilinca and her mother (which is good luck for me because standing in a line until her appearance time of 2pm probably would have been a bit more daunting if I hadn't).

So through our discussions on our feelings toward Victoria, the tour, all the Girls histories, and other celebrities we liked and disliked, we kept over hearing that Victoria would not be taking pictures and that she would only be signing for people who had bought either her sunglasses or her jeans. Knowing that this could not possibly be true we stuck around like devoted little fans. I for one could not afford to buy either items, so I had brought my copy of her Autobiography "Learning To Fly" with me.

As the minutes grew closer to her appearance (and the crowd of fans grew larger and more mob like), Ilinca's mother agreed to save our spots in line while we went closer to where she would be sitting to see if we could get a few pictures from when she first arrived. As she came out and Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" started playing on what seemed to be repeat at first, the crowd went absolutely insane. As I tried my hardest to achieve good pictures through the massive crowd, 8 more camera's would pop up in front of me obstructing my view of the 5' 3" superstar. That or one of her extremely tall bodyguards would stand in front of her, she's so small. So long story short, my camera battery died before I got the chance to get any good quality pictures so Michele and I decided to go back in line.

We found Mom and stood in line for about an hour and 20 minutes and griped about how we had hardly even moved and the fact that the line didn't even seem to maintain it's linear orderly form anymore. By this time Ilinca had been going back and forth between the line and the mob of photographic Spice fans getting some pretty good shots of Posh (this is the reason I make friends kids... photo connections :)). When Michele and I had heard that she was only staying for another 10 minutes we decided to join the packs of photographers because of the certainty that we would never get through for an autograph (which as we knew, she was indeed signing other items besides her clothes as well as taking photographs and hugging people which was so nice to see. See I'm not oppossed to hugging, just do it when people are not on the air lol). She then ended up coming over to both sides of the mob and signing little things for people and shaking hands (mine being one of the hands shaken), I yelled "Good Luck Tonight" she said "Thank You" having no idea who had just said that, and then a few minutes later she was off.

Although I was a bit disappointed that I had waited around for about 4 and a half hours with only sore feet and a spice girl hand shake to show for it, my co-workers were right, it was completely worth it. I got to see this gorgeous woman in the flesh, I met a few really nice people in line and then I got to go see them perform in the evening for the last time. All in all it was a great day. I got to see the Pob in person... if that isn't excitement, I don't know what is.
Thanks to Ilinca for sending me pictures from that day, the last two on this post are hers.


Emma Thanks You All

Emma wrote the following blog on her official website before their two final shows in Toronto, just really as a thank you to the fans and to reflect her personal feelings about the approaching conclusion.


As always, thank you for being so patient with me. The Spice Girls tour has been amazing and I must admit I have been burning the candle at both ends, but every show has been so different and Mel B never fails to entertain me : )

I think the crowds have been the loudest we've ever had and I've seen some amazing banners including "Maybe I'm in love" (which I have hanging up in my dressing room) and "Emma free me" and "I don't need tomorrow tonight".

Beau has been the most amazing little boy ever, smiling and (nearly) waving. You may have seen him on stage with us all. It has made it so extra special having him here with me. The other day we had a really bumpy flight and I've never been scared of flying but being a mother has turned me into a bit of a worrier!

Two shows to go now and I'm really really going to miss the touring around but the other half of me is looking forward to settling Beau at home. Bless him, he's now been away longer than he has been at home! Plus him grandparents are really starting to miss him so it will be great for them to see him and spend some quality time with him.

Whilst on the road, I've also been checking out my cousin Ross's band called 'Kid Charlemaine' - loving the track and check out the video. They filmed it themselves and I think it's so clever, it's in my top friends on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/emmabuntonofficial)

I can't thank you enough for all your support.

See you soon.

Lots of love


Isn't she sweet? You know what I think she should do? I think that she and Mel B should team up and do a music project. They seem to be really connected when they're together, I know she has her own amount of success with her solo work but it would just be so much fun to see them do something together. Meh, wishful thinking isn't illegal (thank God).

Solo Spice: Melanie C Interview On MTV Canada Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of the Melanie C interview. The questions get a bit better in this part, except for the girl who wastes my viewing time to get a hug from Melanie. Annoying.

Lol, I'm so bitter.

The fact that they did a bit of research and mentioned that Melanie's song First Day Of My Life is the theme song for the German Telenovela Wege zum Gl├╝ck, makes me like them just a little bit over at MTV Canada. One question though (since I never really watch this channel), does the cute guy without the glasses actually do anything on this show? Or is he just there for decoration?

Looking forward to the Cross Canada tour in May. Hoorah.

Melanie C Interview on MTV Canada

Okay, I don't want to be a total buzzkill but I did watch both of Melanie's interviews that she did yesterday with Much Music and MTV Canada and I gotta say that I was a bit disappointed in both. I wasn't by any stretch of the imagination disappointed in her but just by the interviewer quality. Plus some Spice fans are so obnoxious and ask the stupidest questions that it really makes for unpleasant viewing on my part.

"Do you think you and the other Girls will be keeping in touch?" I mean really, you know the answer is going to be yes.

However, I did find the MTV Canada interview a little less annoying (and longer) than the Much one so I've decided to add the two parts of that one.

I am glad that both interviews mentioned her surprise backflip during the last show, considering she hasn't really done one since the knee injury she suffered during the UK Games Charity Competition back in 2003. It was a wonderful highlight of the show. Look for part 2 any minute.


Melanie C's Solo Plans

Yah Baby, Melanie C has just added the following message to her official website about the end of the reunion tour and her plans for the coming months with some very exciting news for her Canadian fans who are already getting their fix of her today on MTV Canada and Much Music.

Read ahead for the details...

I'm back! Wow, what a crazy few months I've had.

The Spice Girls tour has been amazing, I've really enjoyed being back on stage with the girls. We've had such a great time. Thank you to everybody who came along to the shows.

Having the chance to do acoustic shows in LA and New York was fantastic too. It helped me get my fix of Melanie C, I was missing her (no disrespect Sporty!!).

Well it's 2008 and I'm really excited that "This Time"will be released in Canada on 8th April. I'll be touring there in May and me & the boys can't wait!

Who knows - we might get to do some other gigs along the way too so keep checking the website for any updates.

Love y'all


Touring here in May!!!!!!!!!!! Me likey the sound of that. Sorry I didn't update the post about Melanie appearing at Much Music with the MTV Canada news guys but I was at Victoria's Holt Renfrew appearance yesterday when I found out and then I stayed Downtown for the show in the evening which I got home from at around 1 am and so this was the only time I have gotten since discovering this fact. Well, if you read this in the next hour...Melanie is appearing at MTV Canada at around 6pm tonight lol.
PS. I'll hopefully write about my experience with the whole Victoria appearance at Holt Renfrew tomorrow. It's kind of a disappointing story actually, so look out for that one ;).

Poll Results # 16

Well that was certainly a good poll question (thank you Quiet Spice). Apparently some Spice Girls never change, but it was a very close race for a few of our ladies who have. The question was Which Spice Girl do you think has changed the most over the years? The results in order of most voted for are...

Victoria (with 32% of the vote)

Melanie C (with 25% of the vote)

Geri (also with 25% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 9% of the vote)

Emma (with 6% of the vote)

I suppose on some level Emma is fundamentally the same (and she probably always will be) but I think Mel B has changed quite a bit actually. Oh well, I didn't vote lol. On to the next, I can't believe I hadn't thought of this question before but it seriously just popped into my head last night as I watched them perform for the last time. Which Spice Girl do you think is the most provocative? Perhaps none of them are or perhaps all of them are but I'm interested to see who comes out on top. Vote away gang.

Goodbye To The Fans

Well you guys, I gotta say that last nights final show at the Air Canada Centre was one hell of a tear jerker that even had yours truly gushing as the Girls sang Goodbye and exchanged Hugs and Kisses with one another. Truly a remarkable event and one of the loudest crowds I have ever been among, my vocal chords got their own work out and my ears and head are still reaping the costs of showing too much Girl Power lol. It took three shows but I think I am finally ready to write a full on review....but it will have to wait until Saturday to be firmly typed to my liking and posted for all the world to see. That way I will have as much time as I like to carefully word what this show was like.

In the meantime, our five Divine Spices have issued the following heartfelt Au revoir on the official website.


Our time is up... we've come to the end of the road... there are tears of both sadness and joy. Look how far we've come!

Who would have thought that our reunion could have turned out to be this amazing? It just shows what can grow out of an exciting thought, an idea, a hope, a dream. Yes, our reunion tour is proof that dreams do come true.

We have been lucky enough to have shared it with the most loyal fans in the world. Ten years on, you came back still wanting more... and it looks like we made some new friends along the way. You have inspired and ignited us with each show, the 47 that we performed, each time was amazing and it is thanks to you.

So we look to the future with hope and imagination and let Girl Power live on through all of you as it will continue in us and the future generations to come.

We have learnt so much through you and through each other.

"Never give up on the good times always believe in the love you find."

We hate goodbyes but sadly the time has come to take our final bow so maybe our song says it best:

"Goodbye my friend, it's not the end... So glad we made it, time will never ever change it..."

Mission Accomplished...


Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria


Melanie C @ Much On Demand

Melanie C will be starting the Canadian promotion of her latest album This Time pretty much immediately after she finishes with her Spice Girl responsibilities. On Wednesday Melanie will be appearing in the Much Music Environment (along with former SNL funny man Will Farrell) as a special guest of Much On Demand.

I can't stand watching Much On Demand (for reason's already explained on this blog) but I'm willing to make all kinds of exceptions when it comes to Melanie viewing. MOD airs on Much Music between the hours of 5pm - 6pm. Good work Mel, now hows about a solo gig in our fair city.

This Time's official Canadian release date is April 8th.

New Marc Jacobs Ads Starring VB

Thanks so much to Quiet Spice for the tip, here are a few new Marc Jacobs fashion Ads featuring the style conscious Victoria Beckham. I'm assuming that the discarded rag doll in Jacobs gowns motif was intentional.

Just a reminder to the fans in the Toronto Area, Mrs. Beckham will be appearing at top shop Holt Renfew at 50 Bloor Street West tomorrow afternoon between the hours of 2 pm and 3pm to promote her dVb denim and eyewear lines.

We Have A Winner!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that didn't take very long. Congratulations to Five Become One visitor Kurt for being the first to comment with the last names of all five of the Girls (which he even did in alphabetical order...nicely done).

The correct answer of course was...

Victoria BECKHAM

Melanie BROWN




As promised, Kurt has won a single ticket to see the Girls during their final show of the Reunion Tour this Tuesday at the Air Canada Centre at 7:30. Congratulations, and thanks so much to everyone else out there who has made this site such a pleasure to uphold. More to come.


My Own Personal Prize

Hey guys, I've been really bad with keeping up these past fews days, I've just been super busy but I have a surprise for all of you (well, more specifically the readers in the Toronto area). I'll be going to see the Spice Girls tomorrow night and Tuesday night for their two final shows in Toronto which are their two final shows on the Tour and one of my friends has just let me know that they have a single seated ticket that they have to get rid of for the final show on Tuesday night.

I asked them to give the ticket to me and I thought I would sort of auction it off on this blog as a sort of thank you to you guys who have supported this blog over the past couple of months. So, this is how I thought it would go... the ticket is in section 103, row H which is pretty much perpendicular to the stage so you'll be watching the show dead on centre. The first person to comment on this post with the correct answer to the following question will win (please be sure that you are serious about taking the ticket when you comment, as well as be comfortable with going to see the show by yourself).

What are the last names of all five of the Spice Girls?

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I am able to contact you (by e-mail) to let you know if you have won or not (e-mails will not be made public). The winner will have to meet me Tuesday night at the Air Canada Centre in order for me to give them the ticket. Good Luck. If I get no responses by 12 noon on Tuesday I will give the ticket away elsewhere, just to be safe.


Melanie C Is Number 1

Way to go Gang! I've just been informed by the Melanie C fan group on Facebook that we (and maybe some of the people in the fan group...just maybe) have managed to get Carolyna to the number 1 spot on Much More Music's Top 10 list and by doing so the video is now in heavy rotation on the music channel. I'm so proud of us, nagging does work.

Since Mel is still not technically ready to start promoting the single and the Canadian release of This Time, let's see how long we can keep her in the number one spot. Keep voting here as often as you like. You can vote more than 20 times a day if you wish (not that I'm saying you should because that would be weird, right?).

As well as making Carolyna number 1, we also managed to make Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) number 2 on the top 10. C'mon, that's great stuff that is. I'm thrilled with this news.

Poll Results # 15

Man, I worked on that post about Beau for about 15 minutes and still the layout makes it look like I ride on the *special bus*. Sorry about that one kids. Now from Emma's offspring to Emma herself. This past weeks poll which was dedicated to our darling Baby was definitely a popular one among you folk. The question was which Emma Bunto solo album is your favorite? Apparently there was no competition as one clearly stood out over the others. The results in order of most voted for were....

Free Me (with a shocking 70 % of the vote....WOW!)

Life In Mono (with 23% of the vote)

A Girl Like Me (with a flimsy 6% of the vote)

Free Me got 21 votes, that's pretty awesome. Thanks everybody for your votes. This weeks question comes courtesy of visitor Quiet Spice (always give credit where credit is due).From 1996 to the present day Which Spice Girl do you think has changed the most over the years? Vote away. Anymore suggestions for poll idea's are always welcome. I'm extremely accommodating.

Beau Vs. Ewok

Okay, so half of you will be thinking "Oh My God, what a loser" when you read this but two of you may get a giggle out of it. I saw this picture of Emma's son Beau and it got me thinking he looks a bit like one of those furry alien creatures from The Jetsons Movie (I think they were called Grungees) but I couldn't find a picture of one of those. So then I got to thinking what is the closest thing to a Grungee? An Ewok. So I go looking around and I find this picture of a baby Ewok and I thought it did the trick. Perhaps a Grungee works better but you work with what you can find.

Anyways, long story short (too late) Beau is an Ewok.

Break Dancing Beckham

As was mentioned in Geri's latest Spice Blog, Cruz Beckham (and the rest of the Spice Kids) hit the stage with their mothers this past Monday night at Madison Square Garden during Mama. But Cruz was the only one to add further to the spectacle by breaking out in to a break dancing routine that had the crowd in a huge uproar.

There is a video of the spectacle that someone took and put on youtube but there are a few heads in the way and you can only really make out when Cruz does his little backflips so I'm not going to add it but if you want to take a look anyway I certainly won't deny you the pleasure completely. Click here to watch the show.

"He's the next Justin Timberlake" laughs proud Mom Victoria.

In other Spice Kid news, Cruz turns 3 years old today (quite a talent for a three year old) and Mel B's daughter Phoenix celebrated her 9th birthday yesterday so Happy Birthday to the both of them.

Sidenote: How cute is Mel B's other daughter Angel? Pretty damn cute if you ask me.


Vote For Melanie C On Much Music Too

This is why I like people to comment. I really don't watch Much Music anymore mainly for the fact that I remember how great it used to be before all of the good VJ's grew up and moved on to better projects and they hired the vapid, annoying little queens that now run the shows. But my thanks go out to visitor Quiet Spice for keeping me in the hip and trendy loop by bringing to my attention that as well as voting for Melanie C's video for Carolyna on Much MORE Music's Top 10, you can also vote for it on Much Music's "Daily Ten".

Now her video is not actually included among the list of video's you can vote on but once you've chosen a total of 4 video's from their list you can type Carolyna as your Wild Card choice at the bottom of the list.

So go, be free and vote here.

Geri Blogs Of Break Dancing Spice Kids & The Near End Of The Tour

Wow, sorry you guys I have neglected this space for a couple of days, I've been quite busy (lots of rehearsals for plays and choirs and things like that). Anyway, here is the new Spice Blog courtesy of Geri.


So we've just played Madison Square Garden and it was amazing. We finally did it as a five piece (the girls did it once before after I left) and I feel so delighted... mission almost accomplished. The energy and atmosphere were amazing.

Victoria's son Cruz was a little star. We all had our children up on stage tonight and Cruz started break dancing! How cool is that? It's clearly in the family.

So, we have got six shows left to do and it's rather like a countdown. I feel a mixture of sadness and joy. I know it's time to come home yet I will miss everyone from the tour.

I love New York so, so much and I have had a blast here. I hit the groud running... enjoying the nightlife, the vintage shopping, the food and the people. I am in love with New York. I feel like I found a part of me that I had kind of forgotten. The Statue Of Liberty is in view as I write this and she certainly has Girl Power. New York has been liberating.

I've also been exposed to the world of street-style dance, and it's so cool to see fresh talent, it's so raw and real. Being around our tour dancers has been a privilege; they have opened my eyes to the craft of dance.

And so I close on this note... what I have learnt is that I can never say never. If you'd asked me ten years ago if I would have been at Madison Square Garden with the Spice Girls, I would have said no. But look what has happened, and that is my lesson. Job done.

Big hug and night night. I'm going out dancing now with Emma and the rest of the gang.

Much love,

Geri x

It's so sad to think that next Tuesday is the last show. The site may slow down a bit after that but if you lived these past couple of days without any posts, I think you'll survive.


Solo Spice: Geri Talks About Ugenia Lavender

This is an official promotional video of Geri talking about her new Childrens Book, Ugenia Lavender. The first book will have three seperate stories within it's pages. Listen as Geri reads a snippet from one of the stories called The Red Shoes.

I love that she's holding the book open but she's not even reading from it lol. That is genius to me, it's like product placement at its worst. Do you think she's reading the story off of a monitor or does she just know it by heart?

Give it a look, it sounds really well written for a kids book. The first of the series will be released in May and there are rumours that Geri has recorded a new track called Bamboozled to accompany the books. Cute.

Get Melanie To Number 1

The Melanie C fans page on Facebook is calling on all Melanie C fans to get her video for Carolyna to number 1 on Canada's Much More Music Top 10. The more exposure she gets for this album the better our chances of Melanie visiting North America again. So with that in mind I am calling on everyone here to take the same course of action. It would be nice for Mel to have a new number 1 something in Canada again, the last time she was on Much More Music's Top 10 was in 2003 with the video for Here It Comes Again.

Follow this link to the voting page, choose Carolyna from the list of video's and click submit at the bottom. You can vote as many times as you want to. Cheers everybody.

Completely Off Topic: In answer to Quiet Spice's question regarding the Geri/Kylie video. It is from 1999 during Geri's promotion of Schizophonic and Kylie was in the midst of recording her album Light Years. Thanks also for the poll suggestion, good one.

Keep the poll suggestions coming everyone.


Solo Spice: Emma Bunton - Take My Breath Away

I hate Valentine's Day just as much as the next single person but I thought I should add at least one love song just to commemorate this as some kind of festive day. Plus it's just a good song, full stop.

Emma shot this lovely video on a beach in Sardinia, Italy along with director Greg Masuak. The song itself was the second single released from Emma's debut solo album "A Girl Like Me". It peaked on the UK singles chart at number five in the summer of 2001 and was Emma's first solo single to cross the pond and land itself in the number 6 position on the US Hot Dance Club Play Chart.


Geri Armwrestles Kylie

I had to add this. It's hot and really, what better combination is there besides Geri and the delightful Ms. Kylie Minogue.

I'm sure the ratings for this show skyrocketed for awhile after this.

Poll Results # 14

Never thought I would make it past 5 polls but here we are moving onto our 15th, nicely done. That said I do have this weeks question in line but next week I may not be so lucky lol, so any suggestions as to poll questions you'd like to see would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. But back to the task at hand, Dancing is the name, Spice is the game. This past weeks question was Which Spice Girl do you think is the best dancer. The votes are in (in order of most voted for, naturally)...

Mel B. (with 34% of the vote)

Melanie C. (very close behind with 30% of the vote)

Victoria (with 15% of the vote)

Emma (with 11% of the vote)

Geri (with 7% of the vote)

So Mel, DWTS didn't vote you in at # 1 but we certainly did. Melanie C was really close though, just one vote behind, and as for Geri...I guess Mel was right to tease you about your dancing skills. Nice one everybody. I've realized that I've had polls on all of the Girls individually except for Emma and so this one is for all of you Baby boomers out there. Which Emma Bunton solo album is your favorite? Three choices, vote away and if you can, leave some suggestions for future polls. Ta.

Mel B Admits To Ginger Bashing

No, the Girls are not fighting now but Melanie B has admitted to being really horrible to Geri in the past. In a recent interview with Grazie magazine Mel told the interviewer that she used to regularly disparage Geri's dancing ability during their rise to fame. She says she still does it now but without the venom.

Stating, "I tell her when she gets it wrong. In the old days I may have done it in a bitchy way, but it's much more sisterly now. I want her to look fantastic and get it right."

"Everybody knows that Geri and I have had our problems in the past because at one stage we were inseparable and that can never last, but having time apart and then coming together has been incredibly healing. We have a real bond."

Mel also took the time to shoot down the ongoing rumours that a rift within the group is the reason for cutting the tour short. These rumours were recently fuelled by the fact that Victoria was the only Spice Girl to not attend Melanie C's New York solo gig. Man they really are focused on the smallest insignificant things, aren't they?

Oh well, I guess they have to have a less boring reason for them making this decision. I mean family commitments? Yawn.
BTW. That is Melanie's husband Stephan strapped to her machine in the picture. That's a way to keep the marital fires burning eh?


Melanie C Blogs From The Big Apple

Melanie has written this weeks blog following the success of her solo gig on Saturday. Read ahead to see her comments about it.

Hi Guys,

Melanie C reporting from Spiceworld NYC. It's freezin' so we're all keeping wrapped up!!!

The shows are still going great. We had two stormers in Long Island and now we're rockin' New Jersey. It's fun being back in the US. The audiences are just as bonkers as back home!

I played a solo gig on February 9th at the Manhattan Center's Grand Ballroom. It was amazing. We did a 60 minute acoustic set of songs from all four of my solo albums. Emma, Mel, Geri and lots of crew & dancers from the Spice tour came along to support me. I felt very special - especially with all the gifts I received from the crowd. So, thanks to all of you for that.

Back to being Sporty now! We've had an amazing time on the tour and we really can't thank you enough. We're truly sorry to those of you we never got the chance to see.

Stay Spicy

Love Melanie C x x


Victoria's Tour Beauty Secrets

And finally for all of you sophisticates out there who want to know what it takes to achieve Victoria's signature Pob hairstyle, read on and take a few tips from the Posh Professionals.

Hair stylist Larry (Sims) says: For the tour I wanted something a bit edgier, with cleaner lines for Victoria. Prior to the tour she had a longer bob, so I lifted it and gave it more height and volume. It has a more edgy shape now. Victoria is a fashionista and one of the most photographed women in the world, so for me to be able to give her a signature cut for this tour is an honour.

How It's Done: I shampoo and blow dry Victoria's hair every show day, so with that in mind I use products that both protect her hair from the heat and moisture, especially since she has gone from blonde to brunette recently. Whilst the hair is still wet I put a protective cream on to help sustain healthy hair through the heating process.

Then I blow-dry her hair with a serum that provides shine & volume. Once her hair is blown out I spray her with a light, misting, volumising hairspray because Victoria loves tons of body and lift. I basically round brush her and flatiron her, and finish it off with a really light shine mist.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Maria-Louise (Featherstone) says: It's a very sexy seductive look for Victoria on this tour, and I've gone slightly stronger than usual because she can carry it off. We've done a really smoky eye, with red and chocolate browns as opposed to blacks. We've also gone with a fake lash, lots of eyeliner to ping her eyes, and a really defined brow.

How It's Done: I use natural oil on Victoria's skin to give it hydration, as the powders we use can be very dehydrating.

For lips, she doesn't have it straight out of the pot, I actually mix three colours together because it's perfect. It's absolutely fabulous for her. If you look closely, you'll see that Victoria has a brown lip for part of the show, and then we change it to a wine-red when she does her catwalk because it's stronger. That stays on for the next couple of songs and then we change it back to the brown glossy lips for the rest of the show.

The normal rule in make-up is that you can't have a heavy eye and a heavy lip but it works for Victoria on this particular show and she carries it off really, really well.

PS. Obviously I would never suggest that anyone give these looks a try because you would look pretty foolish unless you were doing a show of some sort, but if you understand these tips and you want to give them a test drive... by all means be my guest.

Melanie C's Tour Beauty Secrets

For all the rock chicks out there with a flare and pinache for all things futuristic, then you may want to jot down a few of the pointers for creating and perfecting the new Sporty look....

Hair stylist Jamie (Pritchard) says: We've created a modern update on the classic ponytail from Melanie's old Sporty Spice days but with a futuristic feel to it.

How It's Done: Melanie's ponytail is made from human hair so it's quite major to look after but once it's pinned in, it's good for the whole evening. I slick up her hair before putting the piece in, and Melanie is really cool about that because of her ballet dancing days. I whack a load of product in, usually styling cream, to keep it in place. And if Melanie's fringe gets damp during the show, I spray dry shampoo through it and she's ready to go again.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Kolburn (Ran Kristjansdottir) says: It's a futuristic, uber-rock chick version of the familiar Sporty Spice. We wanted to take her from what she was years ago and bring her right up to what she is now.

How It's Done: I use a mineral foundation for that flawless look, plus it's very healthy for the skin, and protects it from the effects of touring and travel. On cheeks I use a pretty blusher that gives a rosey, healthy glow.

On the eyes I use a black kohl and on the eyelid I use a paint pot which is a waterproof liquid make-up in a midnight blue colour. I put that on first to give a base for the eye make-up to stay on throughout the show. Then I use pigmentation colours, which are like a loose eye shadow, on the eyelids. For highlights I use a vanilla colour up to the eyebrow.

I use glitter glue on the eyelids and the I put glitter on top which catches the light and it's amazing - it makes Melanie's eyes look like living disco balls.

On the lips I use a soft pale pink glaze and finish off with lots of black inside each eye and loads and tons of waterproof mascara.

I want my eyes to look like living disco balls lol. That sounds awesome.

Melanie B's Tour Beauty Secrets

For all of you with the ferocity deep within yourselves that you need to let out every once in awhile, follow Melanie B's Beauty regime.

Hair stylist and Make-up artist David (Marvel) says: I wanted to do big curly "Scary" hair because that is what Mel was noted for before, but with a bigger curl. We all tried to incorporate earlier looks but updated them to make them more sophisticated and bring them up to date.

How It's Done: I use a volumising spray and set Mel's hair in curls with a large barrel iron, and pin-curl those after rolling them. This creates volume and makes the hair look crazy, and massive. Because Mel has a natural curl in her hair, I sometimes just set the top of the head and use a curling product on the rest before blow drying it with a diffuser. Finally, I apply a shine spray just before the show.

As for make-up...

For Mel's make-up I start with a waterproof airbrush base, which really holds through the show. I feel airbrush gives a really beautiful finish and you can get more coverage in areas that you need it.

I do smoky eyes on Mel, using a smoky black under the eye and a thin line on top. I use black on the outer and inner lid , and copper pink glitter in the middle of the lid to brighten up the eye and keep it light looking. I also do a white line inside the eye to open it up. Mel has very sculpted brows, so I just do a little definition with a light pencil.

On her cheeks I do a lovely golden highlight and a contour with the airbrush, using a brown and a nice peachy tone. The lips are very nude and beige with a nice gloss. I mix the gloss myself because with all Mel's hair you can't use a really sticky gloss. You don't want a colour on the lip either that could streak across the face when the hair hits it. Plus Mel prefers a lighter lip.

Finally I do a shimmer on her body and hair with a golden glitter spray.

Geri's Tour Beauty Secrets

Care to be as sexy and dazzling as our beloved Geri Halliwell? Then read on and find out what it takes to make Ginger's looks snap. Clever huh? lol.

Hair stylist Jamie (Pritchard) says: It's about luxury, earthy curls, with big tumbling waves that bounce and look healthy and full. It's very Sex And The City inspired.

How It's Done: Geri comes in with her hair washed from home. I add a creme which turns to a conditioner when it's heated up. I wind Geri's hair with a hot stick, which is like a conical wand, to create a big soft wave that lasts through the show. Then I finger tease it and use a volumising hairspray.

As for make-up....

Make-up artist Kolbrun (Ran Kristjansdottir) says: Geri's look is warm and natural, with a healthy glow, but still with the Hollywood starlet look. It's classic and glamorous with a bit of a Bridget Bardot feel.

How It's Done: I use mineral foundations on the skin because they are perfect for achieving a very natural look. I've used brown colours to do the contouring of Geri's face and peachy colours on the cheeks for that fresh look. I use golden browns and milky colours around the eyes, which are all quite glittery, and I blend them into an almond shape to lift the corner of the eye.

I use a thick black eyeliner, kind of 1950's style, and just half a lash on the side, to give the eyes an extra lift. On the eyelids I use two pigments. I start with eyeshadow and then build up with loose colour to make it stronger.

Eyebrows are drawn up quite high, for a movie star-type look. I use a natural tone lip-liner that's a tone darker than the lipstick, which is a matte beige tone, that's our Bridget Bardot colour. I finish off with shimmering tan spray on Geri's body, which is perfect for her colouring.

Quite a lot of talk for a natural look wouldn't you say?

Emma's Tour Beauty Secrets

Want to know how each of the Girls achieves their individual look for the tour? Well thanks to the official website we have all the details from the Hair and Make-up artists on the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour on how to look like your favorite Spice Girl. Let's start with Emma, she's the youngest (which doesn't really matter but I just felt like making up an excuse to put her first).

Hair stylist Larry (Sims) says: We wanted something for Emma that the fans had never seen before, which had basically been straight hair and pigtails. So we went with tons of volume, curl and texture because Emma wanted to feel really sexy on stage. It's brought something reminiscent of looks in the 1960's and 1970's to the Spice Girls 2008.

How It's Done: When Emma's hair is wet, I apply a volumising serum and blow her out with that product. Then I set her using a thermal curling spray with curling irons, which creates tons of volume and gorgeous waves. I finish Emma off with a light spray that locks in her look for the two hour show.

As for make-up...

Make-up artist Maria-Louise (Featherstone) says: I wanted to keep the Baby Spice thing going because it's important they are all recognisable through their individual personalities. So I've kept it fresh, dewy and glowing with just a pale pink glossy lip. I've done very highlighted cheeks and clean eyes but with glitter because it's very showy.

How It's Done: I prepare Emma's skin first with hydrating natural oil, beacuse all the make-up that we use and the travelling that the girls are doing can be very dehydrating. Next I contour Emma's face using light-reflecting particles on the brow bone and cheekbones and darker colours under the cheekbones.

I use eyelashes that down weigh down the eyelid, they bond to the skin and feel comfortable. Then I add mascara to the top and bottom lash and a white eyeliner. I use pigments and glitters for Emma too, to emphasise her features.

Melanie C: Reason (Live In New York)

I said I would try and add the Northern Star performance from Mel's solo gig at the Grand Ballroom on Saturday night but I decided to go with the Reason performance because this song wasn't released as a single and therefore there is no music video for it that I can add to this site. Plus, what I say goes around here lol.

She performs impecably well and the audience is just as responsive. Give it a listen.


Melanie C. Live In New York

From what I've heard (and seen on Youtube) Melanie C's solo gig last night at the Grand Ballroom in New York was a major success and it's got me thinking that she really needs to find more distributers so she can get her albums widely released in North America. She's already done it for Canada which excites me, but she is pretty popular everywhere else.

I tried adding a video of her performing Northern Star last night but my computer is being wonky this morning, watch it at this link until I can get it up here. She's got all the right moves and the audience absolutely adores her. They sing half of the song for her and hang on her every word.

This show was a bit longer than her show in LA and included an opening act (Hayley Sales). Also in the crowd were a few Spice friends, namely Emma, Geri, and Mel B as well as Melanie's Mother and Step Father. The setlist for this acoustic gig was,

Beautiful Intentions
What If I Stay
Northern Star
Here & Now
Never Be The Same Again
You Will See
First Day Of My Life
Goin' Down
When You're Gone
Next Best Superstar

This Time
I Turn To You

Since Carolyna is now in rotation on Much Music and Much More Music here in Canada, I'm hoping that she will do a little bit of solo support in Toronto when the Girls return at the end of this month for their final two shows of the Reunion Tour. Fingers Crossed.

Victoria Judges On Project Runway

Oh my God, I would die if I were on this show. As I just posted, Victoria is in New York just in time for New York Fashion Week and as such is also in time for the season finale of hit tv show Project Runway, the show that looks for the next up and coming fashion designer and gives them their shot at fame. The producers who have always found the top leaders in the world of fashion to guest judge on the show and even top celebrity icons like Sarah Jessica Parker, asked Victoria to be the special Guest judge on the show for the season finale where the remaining contestants reveal their final fashions during Fashion week.

Victoria sat between regular judges, supermodel Heidi Klum, designer Michael Kors and Elle fashion director Nina Garcia in a stunning orange dress by Donna Karan at the W lounge in Bryant Park.

I can hardly bring myself to go and try to meet Victoria when she comes to Holt Renfrew in Toronto on the 26th for fear of being dismissed because of my awful dress sense (maybe not awful, but anything I could think of wearing would probably be awful in her eyes). So I would feel more intimidated by Victoria judging me than Heidi Klum. Good luck to whomever wins.