Geri Halliwell: Bag It Up

Bag It Up is the fourth and final single released from Geri's debut solo album "Schizophonic" (1999). The song which is a lyrical jamboree about the battle of the sexes was Geri's third solo UK number one single and caused quite the stir when she performed it during the 2000 Brit Awards, appearing from between a pair of blow up legs and writhing about the stage with a gaggle of pink haired muscle men. I thought it was hot and hilarious personally.
The video for the song features Geri as a spokesperson for a product aptly called "Girl Powder", which is guaranteed to turn your man into your very own obedient servant. The pink hair may be a setback to some. By the end of the video Geri has stripped all of the employees at the Girl Powder factory down to their boxers for a poll dance and a walk on their leashes. Definitely my favorite Geri video.

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