Poll Results # 27

Ooops, I forgot to post the poll results yesterday. Okay, so last weeks question was Which One Of The Spice Girls Would You Dress Up As For Halloween? There were a lot of votes for this one, which thrills me deep, and here are the results in order of most voted for...

Victoria (with 42% of the vote)

Emma (with 38% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 15% of the vote)

Geri (with 7% of the vote)

Melanie C (with 3% of of the vote)

I kinda thought Geri would have been closer to the top, but I like those results. Thanks for voting. I am unfortunately (or fortunately, however you look at it), going to be skipping the poll for the next two weeks because I am going to be leaving for a cruise tomorrow and I will be gone for two weeks all together, so technically this means I won't be posting at all for that time frame. Your host needs a bit of a break. I'll add a few posts today to tide you over. See you soon.


Spice Girls: Miami Spice

In the summer of 1998, two weeks after Geri Halliwell left the Spice Girls, the remaining four touched down in Miami to start the American Leg of The Spice World Tour. Before the first show in Miami, they sat down with UK interviewer Andi Peters to discuss Geri's departure, their personal lives, and their success so far. This special also had the pleasure of bringing us the premiere of the Viva Forever video. I will add this video in better quality at some point, don't you worry. Enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Mel B: Clears Up Music Rumours

Melanie has cleared up any rumours of "Whose Is It" being the lead single from her new album. The song is a demo song (among many) that she has recorded for the album and nothing more. She does not even suspect that it will make the final cut for the album. She still has tooling around to do with the album and a few LA collaborations that she hopes will fall into place before it's release next year.

So we can all breathe a sigh of relief, as much as I personally liked the song I did think it was a strange song to lead off with.


Mel B: Hosts The Paul O'Grady Show (2008)

Last night Mel stood in for Paul O'Grady as host of his talkshow and had the pleasure of interviewing her friend Melanie C, as well as Kim Cattrall (Sex And The City) and Solange Knowles. Take a look.

Melanie C Interview:

Battle Of The Sexes 1:

Kim Cattrall Interview:

Battle Of The Sexes 2:

Solange Knowles Performance:

Solange Knowles Interview:

Battle Of The Sexes 3:


Melanie C: Something For The Weekend (2006)

I have previously posted video's of Emma and Geri in kitchen type settings when they were each on The F Word with Gordon Ramsey, but now I'm bringing you an interview with Melanie C that she did in 2006 to promote her Live Hits DVD on the show Something For The Weekend. First is the actual interview, and the second clip shows Mel in the kitchen helping to make a Butternut and Pumpkin Pie. Take a look.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Geri Halliwell: Bag It Up

Bag It Up is the fourth and final single released from Geri's debut solo album "Schizophonic" (1999). The song which is a lyrical jamboree about the battle of the sexes was Geri's third solo UK number one single and caused quite the stir when she performed it during the 2000 Brit Awards, appearing from between a pair of blow up legs and writhing about the stage with a gaggle of pink haired muscle men. I thought it was hot and hilarious personally.
The video for the song features Geri as a spokesperson for a product aptly called "Girl Powder", which is guaranteed to turn your man into your very own obedient servant. The pink hair may be a setback to some. By the end of the video Geri has stripped all of the employees at the Girl Powder factory down to their boxers for a poll dance and a walk on their leashes. Definitely my favorite Geri video.

Poll Results # 26

Geri certainly gets a lot of votes when the polls focus on her. The results are in for this weeks question on the poll. The question was Which single from Geri's Schizophonic album is your favorite? The end tally in order of most voted for looked like this,

Bag It Up (with 43% of the vote)

Look At Me (with 26% of the vote)

Mi Chico Latino (also with 26% of the vote)

Lift Me Up (with 8% of the vote)

Thanks for voting (as always). Now, this probably should have been last weeks question but I didn't really think ahead, so it will have to do this week. I'm curious as to Which One Of The Spice Girls Would You Dress Up As For Halloween? Vote Away and Happy Belated Halloween to you all.