Mel B: Whose Is It (First Listen)

Hey Everybody,

I bring to you today a link to listen to Mel B's new single "Whose Is It". This is a high quality version of the song that will be a part of her forthcoming third solo album. Anyway, HERE IS THE LINK. And here are the lyrics for those that want them.

Yeah I'm british!
Say what! ???

Don't swim in the water,If you don't wanna get wet.
Don't come in my kitchen, if you don't wanna sweat.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You better freeze don't move. It's about to go up.
I'm a renegade, so it's about to get rough.
Take these handcuffs, your under arrest.
I got probable cause, this is not a test.

Got a bone to pick. Yeah I'm talking to you.
It's a sticky situation. Hope ya got sweetooth.

Make me stretch, do you like aerobics class
When you do the hokey pokey turn around and smack that... ha! ha!

You can't deny.
I see you got your feelings ???
But don't lose it now, hold it back.
There's a question I gotta to ask before we end it.
I wanna hear it.

Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.
Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.
Whose is it? Whose is it? I got it. I got it.
Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.

I can't hear you (Speak up, say it louder)
Double dare you (Speak up, say it louder)

Whose is it? Whose is it? whose is it? What? What?
Whose is it? Whose is it? whose is it? What? What?

Don't swim in the water, if you don't wanna get wet.
Don't come in my kitchen, if you don't wanna sweat.

Better stop don't move. It's about to get hot.
When I get in position. Don't move last spot.
You're driving this car but i'm in control.
So when I put it in fifth, don't let the clutch go.

Gonna take it for a trip from the ground to the sky.
So when I say can you feel this? Then you better not lie.

Make me stretch, do you like aerobics class
When you do the hokey pokey turn around and smack that... ha! ha!

You can't deny.
I see you got your feelings ???
But don't lose it now, hold it back.
There's a question I gotta to ask before we end it.
I wanna hear it.

Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.
Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.
Whose is it? Whose is it? I got it. I got it.
Whose is it? Huh? It's mine. It's mine. It's mine. It's mine.

I can't hear you (Speak up, say it louder)
Double dare you (Speak up, say it louder)

Whose is it? Whose is it? whose is it? What? What?
Whose is it? Whose is it? whose is it? What? What?

Yeah I'm british!
Say what! ???

Don't swim in the water, If you don't wanna get wet.
Don't come in my kitchen, if you don't wanna sweat

I think it's good, but I want to know what you think, so leave some comments on your thoughts.

Melanie C: Adopt A Word

Melanie has joined the adopt a word campaign in the UK which is an initiative for the I Can organization. The organization supports speech skills for children with special needs, by making a donation and adopting a word for a year you can a help a child learn to communicate.

Melanie has chosen to adopt the word "Red". Her reasons for doing so are,

"Red is my favourite colour. It is strong, powerful, energetic and can be dangerous! Liverpool's home strip (the best team in the world) is the most glorious of reds and in China red is believed to be very lucky. Red rules!"

If you'd like to adopt a word, visit their website and find out how to do so.


Melanie C: Orange Playlist Interview (2007)

Please watch this. I think this might just be, handsdown the greatest interview I have ever seen with Melanie C. She reveals some of her musical influences, her favorite songs, stories from her childhood, behind the scenes stories about her time in the Spice Girls, performing solo, and much more. Enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Mel B: First Single?

This is so far unconfirmed, but it is rumoured that the first single from Mel B's next solo album will be a song called "Whose Is It?" produced by Scott Storch and it will be released by the end of the year. The record will be released through G&A Records which is distributed through Universal.

What do you think?

Victoria Beckham: Underwear Model?

It seems that Victoria is a chip off the old Beckham block because she has just been announced as the new spokesmodel for Emporio Armani's womens underwear line, following in the footsteps of her footballer husband David who is currently the designers model for their mens underwear line.

"Victoria is a style icon, a dynamic lady whose influence and recognition will add great excitement to the continued international growth of our Emporio Armani women's underwear business."

Victoria has already posed for an array of ads for the fashion line which will be making appearances in fashion publications starting next spring. The photo's were taken by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott (the same team who worked with David) at a ritzy beachside community in Malibu.

Victoria stated, “It’s a huge compliment being asked to be in the campaign and to be part of the worldwide campaign for Emporio Armani underwear,” she added. “It’s really exciting to me. Mr. Armani is a lovely person and his team is fantastic, so it’s a really exciting project for me to be involved with. And hopefully they will see a huge response.”


Victoria & David Beckham: Ali-G Interview

This is a hilarious interview that Posh and Becks did with Sacha Baron Cohen's popular character Ali-G for a Comic Relief charity telethon back in 2001 (or possibly 2002, I'm not really sure). I love Victoria's hair in this clip, I really think she should wear it like this more often. David is pretty much silent for the whole thing, but he is there so I have to acknowledge his existence in the header.

Geri Halliwell: On The Alan Titchmarsh Show (October 2008)

Last Thursday evening, Geri appeared on The Alan Titchmarsh show to promote her Ugenia Lavender books (of which one of the characters holds Alan's surname), and got talking about the process of naming things. Enjoy.

Mel B: The Official Website First Blog

Mel's official website is live on the net yet again, with a whole new revamped layout complete with video's, blogs, pictures and music. Here is the first blog entry for you the fans.

Welcome to my new site!

Welcome fans to the official Melanie Brown website. We have been working hard the get this site up and running and ready for all of my wonderful fans. I want to apologize for the wait, but I am sure you will see that the site was well worth it.

The site has been revamped to reflect my styles and tastes, and is set to be my sounding board on the World Wide Web. I plan on uploading as many video blogs, pictures, news / magazine articles, and downloads as I can. This site is your link to anything and everything happening in my world.

And check back with us as often as you like we will be updating the site as often as we can.

Take care,

Melanie Brown

As an added bonus, I'm also adding the welcoming video blog which greets you upon entering the website. Check Out The New Site Here.


Melanie C: I Turn To You

You voted for it, so I'm delivering it to you.
I Turn To You is Melanie's fourth single from her first solo record "Northern Star" (1999) and became Melanie's second solo number 1 (her 10th in total). The radio edit/video version of the song is the Hex Hector Radio Mix, which puts a dance club beat on top of the rather downplayed album version of the song. Naturally, this song is a favorite among Melanie's fan base which lead to her decision to perform it for her solo portion of the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour.
The Cameron Casey directed music video, was shot in Ibiza, Spain (the party capital of the world). Some shots taking place in the Es Paradis night club while the external shots were shot on a cliff over looking the ocean. Blonde, crimped hair may not be her best look but it's a fun video to watch all the same.

Poll Results # 25

Lousy, internet connections. I haven't been able to post since Thursday evening. So it may be quite late but here are the results from last weeks poll (the 25th poll posted, how in God's name did I ever make it past 10?). The question put before you lovely people was Which Single From Melanie C's Northern Star Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for were...

I Turn To You (with 50% of the vote)

If That Were Me (with 25% of the vote)

Northern Star (with 16% of the vote)

Goin' Down (with 8% of the vote)

Never Be The Same Again (with 8% of the vote)

Good stuff. Thanks for your votes. This week, let's move it on over to Geri's solo works. I want to know which single from Geri's Schizophonic album is your favorite? Vote away.


Victoria Beckham: Indian Vogue

Victoria is the cover girl for the November issue of Vogue India. The bridal issue features Posh as an indian bride complete with long curly brunette wig and dressed to kill in a Sari.

Victoria is obviously no stranger to the concept of constantly changing one's looks and admits to the magazine,

"I've never played safe with my image."
Meanwhile, the news of David's move back to Milan to play for his old teammates AC Milan starting January 2009 and lasting for a four month period has been leaving the media to wonder, will the Beckhams be uprooting the kids for this move? Reports have been made that Victoria will be staying with the children in LA while David is away. The couple would prefer not to take the kids out of school again or move so soon after moving to America.


Victoria Beckham: Being Victoria Beckham (Documentary)

I know, you're probably all sick to death now of Solo Spice Documentaries but....tough, it's my blog lol. No, I hope you're all enjoying them and as they say, More is More. Here's Victoria's documentary (one of many television specials she has done) called "Being Victoria Beckham", which was aired in March 2002 and showed her talking about her career as a solo artist after the release of her first solo album. Also included are interviews with her family members and David, of course.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Geri Halliwell: There's Something about Geri (Documentary)

Geri's documentary "There's Something About Geri" was shot during the recording and pre promotion to her third solo album "Passion" (2005). Although many journalists disparaged this televised look into Geri's world as awful PR fluff, I actually enjoy it. I like hearing Geri speak candidly about sex, fame, music, her insecurities, weight, the Beckham's, and her family. It's refreshing to me. Some moments in the special are a bit cringe worthy, but so is life. Let's see what you all think. Watch Away. PS. She has still not released the book she mentions in the first clip and she has stated that she is not going to, not now anyway.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


Melanie C: Northern Star (Documentary)

Melanie C released this documentary prior to the release of her first solo album "Northern Star" (1999). Coincidentally, also shot in LA where she spent most of her time writing and recording the album with co-writers like Marius DeVries, Rick Rubin, and Rick Nowels. Melanie is so adorable in this documentary. We get to see inside glimpses into the recording studio and the photo shoot for the cover of the album. Take a look. She has her god awful blonde hair in this one. Oh well.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Mel B: L.A. State Of Mind (Documentary)

All of the Girls, with the exception of Emma (at least to my knowledge), have done at least one documentary about their solo lives, and so I'm going to start adding a few of them to the site. Starting with Melanie B's because I think it is the least known about because it was not made for television. This 30-minute documentary (directed by Mark McConnell) was featured as a bonus DVD when Mel released the Limited Edition version of her second solo album LA State Of Mind (2005), and it covers her new life in LA, and some of her career ventures around the time (Rent, and her new music). Hope you like it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Victoria & David Beckham: On Parkinson (2001)

Two Victoria interviews in a row. Lucky people. This is the now infamous interview with the Beckham's wherein Victoria admits to calling David "Golden Balls". The couple were on The Parkinson Show to dispell rumours about their relationship and for Victoria to promote her Autobiography "Learning To Fly". Victoria also performs her song "I.O.U." which she wrote for David and is featured on her self-titled album. There's a small bit missing between the third clip and the I.O.U. performance but it's basically Parkinson thanking them for their time and introducing Victoria's performance. Enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



Victoria Beckham: On Jay Leno (July 2007)

Hey Everyone, I'm not going to talk this post to death. I just found both parts of Victoria's interview with Jay Leno that she did last year in support of her television special Victoria Beckham: Coming To America, and her and David's cover shoot for "W" magazine. God only knows how long these clips will be available. NBC are kinda rabid when it comes to their property.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Mel B: This Morning Interview (October 2008)

Last week Mel stopped by the UK show "This Morning" to talk about her very busy schedule of tv presenting, fitness video's, fashion designing, and being a Mom.

Have a look.


Poll Results # 24

Looks like it may just be a favorable turnout for Mel B's next solo album after all. The results are in for this past weeks poll and they are very pleasing to see. The question put before you all was, Will You Buy Mel B's New Solo Album When It Is Released? The results in order of most voted for (in case you're new) are as follows...

Yes (with 58% of the vote)

I'll Download It (with 33% of the vote)

No (with 8% of the vote)

Maybe (with 0% of the vote)

I'm certainly glad to see that everyone was honest and that you are not flip floppers when it comes to such a decision (no maybe's here). Well done everyone. I hope she has enough success with the album to keep her in the music industry a bit longer because we're losing all of our Spice music to other ventures like Fashion, Writing, and Babies, soon we'll only have Melanie C left to entertain us. Speaking of Melanie C, this week I want to know your opinion on the following question Which Single From Melanie's "Northern Star" Album Is Your Favorite? Five choices, Have Fun!

Emma Bunton: Let's Face The Music And Dance

Emma hosted the variety show For One Night Only which aired this past Sunday in the UK, and as the finale, she and her charming co-host Jimmy Tarbuck sang the old standard Let's Face The Music And Dance.

Maybe it's just because she's always singing old cover songs, but I often forget that Emma is the youngest of the Spice Girls. She has always seemed like the oldest to me. I guess she just has a very old soul or something (which is not a bad thing in the least). Have a watch, maybe you'll see what I mean.


Mel B: Scary Leaves Her Mark

Yes, another Melanie news story. She's been very busy during her stay in London this past week.

Mel has been presented the honor of being added to the Wembly Square of Fame for her continuing achievement in the worlds of music, television, and film. The Square which is ideally a British take on the Walk Of Stars in Hollywood, was inaugurated in 2006 to go along with the £35 million refurbishment of Wembly Arena, and holds several plaques with handprints belonging to such stars as Madonna, Cliff Richard, and recently Roger Moore.
Melanie cemented her hand prints for her plaque hours before she was set to host the Music Of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards at Wembly, which almost fell apart because she had forgotten her contact lenses back home in LA. Mel told reporters,

“I was late for rehearsals as I had to get to an opticians. I wouldn’t have been able to present the show if I couldn’t read it.”
Her outfit of choice was quite the spectacle among the British press the next day having her compared to Grace Jones, but I personally loved it. Mel co-hosted the award show with Run-DMC member Reverend Run and was supported throughout the night by Stephan and her sister Danielle (pictured above) who were both present at the ceremony.

Mel B: New Ultimo Fall/Winter Line (Pictures)

I figure I don't really need to explain this post. We all know that Mel is the new spokesmodel for the Ultimo lingerie line as I have mentioned it before. So, here are the new pictures for the Fall/Winter Neptune Collection. These will certainly keep you warm in the winter! There are probably more pictures like this but these are my particular favorites.

In other news however, Melanie has turned down a 1.8 million dollar offer to appear naked in the pages of Playboy Magazine, prefering to keep her naked body between her and her husband Stephan in the privacy of their own home. “There is (an exhibitionist side to me) - in my bedroom, late at night for hours on end!” Oh Melanie!

Victoria Beckham: German Launch

Victoria, who is currently on a promotional trip for her DVB fashion line, appeared at the Jade Boutique in Dusseldorf, Germany yesterday afternoon to launch her fall 2008 DVB Denim line.

She wore a collarless tuxedo jacket, a matching waistcoat, a thin black neck tie and of course a pair of her DVB Jeans to the privately hosted event. As far as I can tell there was no autograph signing involved, just an appearance.
The next stop on her trip will be an appearance at the Ekseption store in Madrid, Spain this evening at 5pm.


Emma Bunton: On Jonathan Ross (March 2004)

This is a fun little interview.

During the promotion of the "Free Me" album back in 2004, Emma stopped by The Jonathan Ross show to discuss the creation of the album, vibrators, her possible fling with Justin Timberlake, and her fellow Spice Girls.

Melanie C: Official Thank You

The fine folks over at Mel's official website have posted the following thank you to the fans who attended last weeks Manchester show at the Hard Rock Cafe.

"A very big thank you to those people that were able to attend Melanie's show last week at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manchester. We're sure you'll agree that it was a very special evening. The fact that it raised over 13,000 for the Caron Keating Foundation makes it even more wonderful. We hope to have some photos for you very soon so keep your eye on the Gallery section.

Melanie also wanted to say a big thank you to Maria, Kayleigh and everyone who contributed to the book of messages that she received on Thursday. She was very touched by all your kind wishes and greateful for all the hard work that went into it.

On a final note, we see that the papers have been at it again! We would like to clarify that Melanie and Tom are not engaged and have no plans to marry. They are quite happy as they are and have more than enough to deal with over the coming months!"

According to Melanie, the performance will be released on DVD with all the proceeds going to charity. The setlist for the show was,

Beautiful Intentions
Love To You
Here & Now
Northern Star
Never Be The Same Again
Be The One
Don't Let Me Go
May Your Heart
Next Best Superstar
This Time
Here It Comes Again
I Turn To You

I'm certainly excited for that release. Please let it be released in Canada.


Geri Halliwell: On Paul O'Grady (October 2008)

This past Friday, Geri was on The Paul O'Grady Show in the UK to promote her children's book Ugenia Lavender.

She discusses Ugenia's origins (she was named after a gay italian man named Ugenio), the possibility of a Ugenia Lavender movie with her as the voice of the title character, the Once Upon A Bedtime initiative, and her 2 and a half year old daughter Bluebell. A very sweet interview, take a look.

Spice Girls: Holler

You guys voted for it, so here it is.

Holler was one of the two first (and last) singles released from the Spice Girls 2000 album "Forever" being released as a special double A-side with Let Love Lead The Way. The song became the group's ninth UK number one single, and the second to feature the girls as a quartet. Co-written by American R&B Producers Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels and Fred Jerkins, Holler didn't manage to crack the Billboard Hot 100 list in America, landing instead at number 7 on the "Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles" chart which is the equivalent of being in the 107th position.
The first time I had heard Holler was when the Christmas In Spiceworld concert appeared on Much Music in the winter of 1999. The Girls performed a stripped down unfinished version of the song as a teaser of things to come and I was personally less than impressed with the performance they gave, in fact I thought the song was awful. Mind you it was a very minimal adaptation from the song it would become. But when the video premiered in the spring of 2000, I was blown away.
The video for the song was directed by Jake Nava and shows the girls dancing at four seperate ends of a square platform (seemingly representing the four corners North, South, East, and West) inside a translucent pyramid in the middle of the desert. The four girls solo scenes in the video have them encompassing one of the four elements (much like the video that would be shot for Let Love Lead The Way). Mel B. represents Fire, Melanie C represents Earth, Emma represents Water, and Victoria represents Air. At the end of the video the girls join hands in a circle and a beam of light rises from the pyramid symbolizing the Girls union (although short lived) as a foursome.


Poll Results # 23

I gotta say that it kinda hits me sometimes that I actually have readers that keep coming back. I don't know, it's humbling in a strange way. The results for this weeks poll worked out in my favor because my favorite single from the album won out over the others. The question was, Which Single From The Forever Album Is Your Favorite? The results in order of most voted for go like this...

Holler (with an impressive 52% of the vote)

Goodbye (with 35% of the vote)

Let Love Lead The Way (with 11% of the vote)

I always wished that they had released a couple more singles from this album, but things went the way they did and it sadly never happened. The singles that were released were great though. Thanks for voting everyone, your participation means a lot to me. This week I kinda want to foreshadow the success of a future release, so the question is "Will you buy Melanie B's new solo album when it is released in stores? Have fun voting, and for all you Canadians that read this blog (and are of age), remember to go vote on Tuesday. I know, it's not as fun as voting here, but it's important. Peace Everyone!


Victoria Beckham: Mischa Disses Posh

Twenty-two year old actress Mischa Barton (The O.C., Lost & Delirious), has recently admitted to finding Victoria's fashion sense a little bid on the bland side.

The London born actress blabbed her opinion to The Sun newspaper in the UK, stating...

"Posh doesn't strike me as particularly stylish. I don't think she's a good example of British style at all. I don't dress for anybody else, and I think the reason people like my style is that I do my own thing."

Yah, when was the last time you designed your own range of clothes Mischa?


Emma Bunton: Baby's Post Baby Body

Emma admitted to Britain's Closer magazine that she refused to push herself to lose weight rapidly after the birth of her son Beau.

The blonde beauty admitted that she was finally back to her pre baby size after a year of getting back into shape.

"I'm back to a size 8-10, and it feels great getting into my old jeans again. But there's so much pressure to get straight back to your old weight - it's ridiculous. Your body changes so much while you're pregnant, it's not natural to bounce back. I lost weight slowly."
I got a personal trainer recently because I couldn't exercise on my own. I usually need someone to come and give me an extra push. I try to work out two to three times a week and doing a bit on the treadmill as well.'Being over 30 and having a baby, your body changes and I have to get it up and running a bit these days."
Personally, I think she looks great, but don't you think that Emma will look like Olivia Newton-John (above) when she is older?


Melanie C: Please No Cameras

Melanie's official website is requesting that the fans attending the Hard Rock Cafe gig in Manchester this approaching Thursday, refrain from taking video's and or pictures during the show because the performance will be taped for a possible future release.

"...and we're sure everyone will have a much more enjoyable evening if they aren't attempting to watch the show over a sea of cameras and mobile phones."

Oooh a new DVD. Not that I should get too excited, her last one wasn't released in Canada, but given her new found fame in North America it is a possibility. There will also be an auction before the performance of signed Melanie C t-shirts, a signed Melanie guitar and other items from a barrage of other artists. So bring your money, honey.


Emma Bunton: Daily Mail Interview (October 2008)

Here is an interview that Emma recently did with the Daily Mail in th UK, discussing motherhood and her life with Jade.

Beau's just turned one. How has being a mother changed you?
Having a child is the best thing I've ever done. When I walk into Beau's nursery and see his smile, it's like Christmas all over again.

He has changed everything because it's not about me any more. The other night, Jade and I were getting ready to go to a glitzy awards do.

Pre-baby, we'd have had the music cranked up and have been swigging champagne, but there we were singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Beau and worrying about what time my mum would arrive to babysit. We were laughing about how times had changed.

So are you ready for number two?
I'm really looking forward to having more children - but not just yet as I'm enjoying this time with Beau.It's important to enjoy the moment and not always be rushing on to the next thing, especially because, for a long time, I thought I might never be a mum.

When I was 25, I was diagnosed with endometriosis [a condition that can make it difficult to conceive]. It scared the life out of me.
What about marriage then?
It's not on the agenda; we don't even talk about it. We've been together for ten years and we're so close - we share the childcare rather than have a nanny so we're often together 24/7.

I can honestly say that we're really happy, so we don't feel the need to formalise it.

Once Mel C's had her baby, you will all be Spice Mummies. Does that finally spell the end for the group?
I think so. We're all in our 30s now and, let's face it, by then most people aren't doing the same thing they were when they were 18, which is how old I was when I first met the girls. I'm ready to move forward.
Will you all stay in touch though?
Absolutely. I rang Mel C recently to congratulate her on her pregnancy, and we all keep in touch by text, especially on the kids' birthdays.We have our own lives and are busy as individuals, but we all know that there will never be any other friends who experienced what we did together, and that creates a huge bond.

Do you still see the friends you made before the Spice Girls?
Definitely. I've known my oldest friend since I was four and I am godmother to her son. I'm still in touch with people from primary school, too, and friends I made when I was a teenager.

That is so important because they know you for you. These days, I'm pretty careful about who I have around me. That's partly because of what I do, but also because I think you become more cautious as you get older.

At 16, you hang out with a massive crowd, but, as the years go by, you end up with a handful of people you really trust and value.

Talking of getting older, does ageing bother you?
No, because I'm enjoying this period of my life so much. Some days, I look in the mirror and go 'Blurgh', but I try not to put too much pressure on myself - there's plenty of other people who do that.

I just hope I can grow old gracefully, without resorting to surgery, but who knows? I don't think there's anything wrong with improving yourself. Because I smile a lot, I've got lines around my eyes. But I hate injections.
Have you learnt to love your curves?
I remember going through a phase of not wanting to go out in case I was pictured from a bad angle. But now I am with someone who really loves me for who I am, I don't care, and I feel pretty lucky.

What is your next challenge?
I am presenting a new variety show called For One Night Only on ITV. It's going out prime-time on Sunday nights, so I'm very nervous.

But the adrenaline helps you perform better, and I always enjoy being thrown in at the deep end. I'd like to do more presenting, but it would have to be in this country.

I've done a few auditions in the US, but I feel so settled in the UK and I don't want to uproot the family. I'm such a London girl. Beau sees his grandparents every day and I wouldn't want to change that. It's certainly no secret either that Jade and I have always wanted a restaurant of our own, so who knows what the future might hold?

Are you saying women can have it all?
It's hard to juggle, but it can be done. For every working mother, there's this scary moment where you've got to put yourself back out there once you've had your baby.

For me, it was tough going on tour three months after having Beau, and I don't think I would put myself through that again. But that said, I was lucky in that Beau could come with me, so I didn't have separation anxiety.

Any guilty pleasures to confess?
A packet of cheese and onion crisps and a big glass of Coke with ice and lemon. You can't beat it. I'm not a big drinker, but I'm partial to a really good Bellini, although it has to be made with fresh peach juice.

Who would play you in a film of your life?
Drew Barrymore. I love her: she's vivacious, fun, honest, and a bit curvy, like me.

Geri Halliwell: Ginger Reads Riding Hood

Geri will be appearing on pre-school tv channel Nick Jr. (a division of Nickelodeon) in the UK during the month of November when she and other celebrity faces will read childrens stories as part of the Once Upon A Bedtime initiative, in support of the 2008 National Year of Reading which promotes reading among children and their parents.

The channel will host the special programmes titled A Bedtime Story; With Arnie & Barnie, where each celebrity will read a different classic children's story. Geri has been assigned to read Little Red Riding Hood. Geri says,

"I regularly read to my daughter Bluebell - it helps to settle her into a nightly routine, plus improves her imagination, vocabulary and listening skills. I especially enjoy inventing new stories and ideas with her."

Other celebrities signed on so far include tv presenter Donna Air (reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears), and former Footballers Wives star Gary Lucy (reading Beauty & The Beast).


Melanie C: On Al Murray's Happy Hour (October 2008)

"It's Babies first appearance on TV."

As mentioned before, Melanie made her first television appearance last night since announcing her pregnancy to the world.

Al and Melanie joked about petitions on the internet to get her knocked up, why she hasn't written an autobiography like so many of her Spice pals (Emma and Mel being the only two not to do so yet), and all the happenings and goings on that surrounded the Spice Girl Reunion Tour.

Look at her belly! How exciting is that?

"It's not Eddie Murphy's is it?" Good one Al.


Geri Halliwell: Best Selling Author

Geri is celebrating a huge triumph this week. She has just been named the Best Selling Childrens Author of 2008 in the UK. Her stories about nine year old Ugenia Lavender have sold over 250, 000 copies since their first release back in May making the series the surprise literary hit of the year.

Geri has also been named the most successful celebrity author in recent years according to British retailer WHSmith. No wonder she's giving screenwriting a try. It's nice to hear that the Girls non-musical projects are achieving such success.

Mel B: MelBSale. Com

Dear Lord, we just got an updated official website from Mel B. and now she's put it under construction again. However, she did inform us about another website of hers, where we can place bids on everything and anything under her roof at her house in London. So if you'd like a chance to own her bed, her toaster, or even some of her clothes then stop by the site, click on a room in the house that you would like to ransack and bid away. Proceeds go to the Clic Sargent Children's Cancer Fund.


Poll Results # 22

I have to say that the results of this weeks poll were a total shocker to me. Let me show you why. The rather obvious question was Which Spice Girl Album Is Your Favorite? The less than obvious results (in order of most voted for) were....

Forever (with 54% of the vote)

Spice World (with 36% of the vote)

Spice (with 9% of the vote)

I for some reason can't believe that Forever won this poll. I think it's a good album but I thought Spice World would have taken this by a mile. Plus, Spice only got one vote lol. Oh well, as bizarre as I find them, those are the results. Thanks for taking the time to vote everyone. Since Forever was the winner, this week I want to know Which Single From Forever Is Your Favorite. Again, only three choices. Have fun voting.

David Beckham: 2009 Calendar Photos

We are really short on Spice news today, so I'm giving a little sneaky peak of some of the photos that will adorn each month of David Beckham's official 2009 calendar. Good God he's yummy.

Emma & Geri: Pride Of Britain Awards Video

Here's the video of Geri and Emma presenting 17 year old Carl Duval with his Pride Of Britain Award on Tuesday night.

Carl won an award for heroism for risking his life in order to pull an unconscious woman off of the railroad tracks at East Worthing last November. He received a call from David Beckham informing him that he would be presented the award.

Look at the daggers coming his girlfriends (I'm assuming it's his girlfriend) eyes when Emma says that all the women in the audience would like someone as brave as him. I love Geri as a brunette, I think she looks amazing.


Geri Halliwell: Draft One Done

Geri has admitted to The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK that she has finished the first draft of her first movie screenplay with the help of some of her friends in the industry. She's keeping the details of the film under wraps but she said,

"It is pretty incredible to finish it - the first draft. I got somebody to teach me using a programme called Final Draft.

I've got a few friends who are screen writers and they said to write the premise of it first - like the whole story of it."
Her plans to write a screenplay were inspired by Jonathan Ross' wife Jane Goldman, who wrote the screenplay for the Claire Danes film "Stardust", adapting the story from the Neil Gaiman novel.

"Jonathan Ross' wife wrote 'Stardust' and I thought, 'Oh wow, I'd like to do that.'"

I wonder if the film will have anything to do with Ugenia Lavender? We'll see.

Geri & Emma: Pride Of Britain Awards Pictures

Geri and Emma arrived on the red carpet of the Pride Of Britain Awards last night beneath a union jack umbrella which was supplied by the award show so their presenters could endure the rainy weather. As soon as I find the video of the two presenting their award, I will add it. The Pride of Britain Awards celebrate everyday heroes all over the UK.Emma, who was clearly expecting to experience some waterworks during the ceremony, told the media,

“We’re both wearing waterproof mascara.”