Mel B: New Promotional Pictures

I have actually discovered 12 new promo pics of the always delightful Mel B. but I am only going to post a few in this post as I can save the rest for other posts about her. If you guys would prefer that I post the rest of them in a one shot post dedicated to just showing them let me know and I will comply. I just thought it might look a bit foolish, maybe I'm wrong. No word yet on whether these are promo pics for her new album or not but I think these would look amazing in an album jacket. I really am excited for her return to music. I thought her LA State Of Mind album was brilliant and so overlooked and undervalued. Granted she did pretty much no promotion for it so it is her fault in a way. She is still very much in the American public eye with her new reality show The Singing Office with co-host and former *N SYNC member Joey Fatone starting this coming Sunday June 29th at 9pm. Melanie and her husband Stephan Belafonte are also Executive producers of the show (look for the commercial to be posted to the site very soon).

As if that weren't enough Mel will also be co-hosting this years Miss Universe Pageant with Jerry Springer (I know, I thought it too) which airs on NBC on July 13th live from The Crown Convention Centre in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

Mel has said,

"I'm thrilled to be a cohost of the Miss Universe Pageant, I believe the diversity and dedication that the pageant brings inspires and empowers young women across the globe."

Busy Busy Girl! Enjoy the pics everyone.

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alowina_spice said...

i love love love mel b. she is such an inspiration to me. wait cross that im in love with mel b. she is the best and so spontanious!!!!

Love ya mel b.