Emma Bunton: Latest Official Blog

Emma recently wrote a new blog entry on her official website where she discussed her time in the US for Simon Fuller's wedding, attending the Glamour Awards with Melanie B and Geri where the Spice Girls won the award for Best Band, her new haircut and her career plans for the near future. Read on!

Hi everybody – how are you all?

I know it's been a couple of months since the last update but it has been a really busy time for me so here is a new blog to make up for my recent silence!I've just returned from my manager Simon Fuller's wedding out in the US, which was amazing. I had a great time catching up with so many people - some of you may have seen the pictures of my dress, it was by a designer called Ellie Saab, I hope you liked it. The wedding was so lovely and everyone had a great time so a big congratulations to Simon and his new wife Natalie.

When we landed back in England, we had to drive straight to the F Word studio where Jade, myself, my cousin Ross and Anton (Jade's brother in law) cooked in Gordon's kitchen as part of the brigade challenge. Jade is such a keen chef and was in his element working with Gordon. We all really enjoyed the experience – it was hard work but so much fun. Tune into the last show of the series to see how we did!

I went to the Glamour Awards with Geri and Mel B where The Spice Girls picked up the award for Best Band. Over ten years on and we are still winning awards – it is such an amazing achievement. Highlights of the night were meeting James Corden from Gavin and Stacey, catching up with Kelly Osbourne and having a gossip with Lily Allen. I also met Hayden Panettiere from Heroes who was lovely as well and she told me that she was a big fan of the Spice Girls, which was so nice to hear.But best of all, coming together with Mel and Geri again and on such a special night, we had a great laugh.

And of course I have a had my hair cut. I hope you like it – I love it, it feels fresh and sexy and what better place to show you all than at The Glamour Awards. I was also lucky enough to wear a lovely dress by J'aton Couture for the evening.

Finally, I want you all to know I have been offered lots of things and I'm busy reading lots of scripts, but my fans know me and know how important it is for me to choose the right thing.

I'll be in touch soon.



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Anonymous said...

Hello! I LOVE this site! Thank you so much for your hard work!

I had a question. Do you, or happen to know anyone else, sell SG footage? I am desperately trying to replenish my video collection, as much of my footage has been lost.

I would really appreciate any info you had!

quiet_spice said...

thanks for all of the updates! i was really missing this site!