Poll Results # 15

Man, I worked on that post about Beau for about 15 minutes and still the layout makes it look like I ride on the *special bus*. Sorry about that one kids. Now from Emma's offspring to Emma herself. This past weeks poll which was dedicated to our darling Baby was definitely a popular one among you folk. The question was which Emma Bunto solo album is your favorite? Apparently there was no competition as one clearly stood out over the others. The results in order of most voted for were....

Free Me (with a shocking 70 % of the vote....WOW!)

Life In Mono (with 23% of the vote)

A Girl Like Me (with a flimsy 6% of the vote)

Free Me got 21 votes, that's pretty awesome. Thanks everybody for your votes. This weeks question comes courtesy of visitor Quiet Spice (always give credit where credit is due).From 1996 to the present day Which Spice Girl do you think has changed the most over the years? Vote away. Anymore suggestions for poll idea's are always welcome. I'm extremely accommodating.

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