Melanie C's Solo Plans

Yah Baby, Melanie C has just added the following message to her official website about the end of the reunion tour and her plans for the coming months with some very exciting news for her Canadian fans who are already getting their fix of her today on MTV Canada and Much Music.

Read ahead for the details...

I'm back! Wow, what a crazy few months I've had.

The Spice Girls tour has been amazing, I've really enjoyed being back on stage with the girls. We've had such a great time. Thank you to everybody who came along to the shows.

Having the chance to do acoustic shows in LA and New York was fantastic too. It helped me get my fix of Melanie C, I was missing her (no disrespect Sporty!!).

Well it's 2008 and I'm really excited that "This Time"will be released in Canada on 8th April. I'll be touring there in May and me & the boys can't wait!

Who knows - we might get to do some other gigs along the way too so keep checking the website for any updates.

Love y'all


Touring here in May!!!!!!!!!!! Me likey the sound of that. Sorry I didn't update the post about Melanie appearing at Much Music with the MTV Canada news guys but I was at Victoria's Holt Renfrew appearance yesterday when I found out and then I stayed Downtown for the show in the evening which I got home from at around 1 am and so this was the only time I have gotten since discovering this fact. Well, if you read this in the next hour...Melanie is appearing at MTV Canada at around 6pm tonight lol.
PS. I'll hopefully write about my experience with the whole Victoria appearance at Holt Renfrew tomorrow. It's kind of a disappointing story actually, so look out for that one ;).

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