Melanie C. Live In New York

From what I've heard (and seen on Youtube) Melanie C's solo gig last night at the Grand Ballroom in New York was a major success and it's got me thinking that she really needs to find more distributers so she can get her albums widely released in North America. She's already done it for Canada which excites me, but she is pretty popular everywhere else.

I tried adding a video of her performing Northern Star last night but my computer is being wonky this morning, watch it at this link until I can get it up here. She's got all the right moves and the audience absolutely adores her. They sing half of the song for her and hang on her every word.

This show was a bit longer than her show in LA and included an opening act (Hayley Sales). Also in the crowd were a few Spice friends, namely Emma, Geri, and Mel B as well as Melanie's Mother and Step Father. The setlist for this acoustic gig was,

Beautiful Intentions
What If I Stay
Northern Star
Here & Now
Never Be The Same Again
You Will See
First Day Of My Life
Goin' Down
When You're Gone
Next Best Superstar

This Time
I Turn To You

Since Carolyna is now in rotation on Much Music and Much More Music here in Canada, I'm hoping that she will do a little bit of solo support in Toronto when the Girls return at the end of this month for their final two shows of the Reunion Tour. Fingers Crossed.

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