Emma's Tour Beauty Secrets

Want to know how each of the Girls achieves their individual look for the tour? Well thanks to the official website we have all the details from the Hair and Make-up artists on the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour on how to look like your favorite Spice Girl. Let's start with Emma, she's the youngest (which doesn't really matter but I just felt like making up an excuse to put her first).

Hair stylist Larry (Sims) says: We wanted something for Emma that the fans had never seen before, which had basically been straight hair and pigtails. So we went with tons of volume, curl and texture because Emma wanted to feel really sexy on stage. It's brought something reminiscent of looks in the 1960's and 1970's to the Spice Girls 2008.

How It's Done: When Emma's hair is wet, I apply a volumising serum and blow her out with that product. Then I set her using a thermal curling spray with curling irons, which creates tons of volume and gorgeous waves. I finish Emma off with a light spray that locks in her look for the two hour show.

As for make-up...

Make-up artist Maria-Louise (Featherstone) says: I wanted to keep the Baby Spice thing going because it's important they are all recognisable through their individual personalities. So I've kept it fresh, dewy and glowing with just a pale pink glossy lip. I've done very highlighted cheeks and clean eyes but with glitter because it's very showy.

How It's Done: I prepare Emma's skin first with hydrating natural oil, beacuse all the make-up that we use and the travelling that the girls are doing can be very dehydrating. Next I contour Emma's face using light-reflecting particles on the brow bone and cheekbones and darker colours under the cheekbones.

I use eyelashes that down weigh down the eyelid, they bond to the skin and feel comfortable. Then I add mascara to the top and bottom lash and a white eyeliner. I use pigments and glitters for Emma too, to emphasise her features.

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