Ugenia Lavender

Geri has joined the ranks of Pop Diva's turned Children's Author's. Like Madonna and Kylie before her, Geri has created her own literary character named Ugenia Lavender who's books will be published through MacMillan Children's Books starting in May.

Geri states that though she had actually been struck with the inspiration to do this project a couple of years ago, she really didn't start the whole process of writing the books until she was pregnant with her daughter Bluebell. And though Ugenia herself is an authentic creation from Geri's own mind, many of the characters she encounters during her adventures are based on some of her own famous friends including Victoria Beckham (who was the inspiration for the character Princess Posh Vatoria), David Beckham (who inspired the aptly named Davey Bockham), and Gordon Ramsey (who appears as Uncle Gordon).

Geri says, "I've only cast people in the book if it's authentic to the story. I don't know if the other Spice Girls will be in there," and that "The characters I've built around her are both flawed and inspirational - just like us."

Look for Ugenia Lavender in book stores come this May.

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