Poll Results # 9

This one was close for a couple of our ladies. This past weeks question was Which Spice Girl has the greatest potential as an actress? The results are in and they are loud and clear (in order of most voted for).

Geri (with a resounding 48% of the vote)

Victoria (not far behind with 40% of the vote)

Emma (with 18% of the vote)

Mel B. (with 7% of the vote)

Melanie C. (with 3% of the vote)

Well, that settles that now doesn't it. Victoria was actually in the lead earlier today but then Geri sprang into the lead to take the win. I find it surprising that Mel B did so poorly because she has done the most acting out of all five of them (with numerous television appearances and independent film roles). But, Geri is the winner. Well done Ginger, and thank you guys for voting. Since Geri seems to win an awful lot of these polls, this week I want to focus on her a bit by asking you Which Geri Halliwell solo album is your favorite? Only three choices. Enjoy.

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