Melanie B: On The Al Murray Happy Hour Part 2

Does Melanie pull a Janet Jackson during the tour? Oh Lord that is going to be so much fun to watch.

She also says that the tour goes til March and they are doing America and then it's done. Are the Girls possibly going to cancel their shows in South America, Australia, China, and South Africa. The shows have still not been scheduled on their website but they are still listed as coming soon. I hope they don't leave those fans out of the loop. That would be just terrible. Fingers crossed.

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quiet_spice said...

I really like the level of maturity in this post. There is another, well-known, Spice blogger out there who took Melanie's quote about the tour as pure truth and is shutting down their website because of it. You're right, all we can really do right now is just ask the question if it is going to happen. We are all in the dark right now.