Baby Bride To Be

Is Emma Engaged? I've read that a source close to Emma has announced that she has excepted a marriage proposal from her longtime boyfriend Jade and that the two will be married this summer. These sorts of rumours were flying around in 2006 when Emma was participating on Strictly Come Dancing, so forgive me if I decide not to believe it until I hear an official announcement. The Source said,

"He just blurted it out a couple of weeks ago, before Emma flew off to start her tour with the Spice Girls. He asked her to marry him when she was pregnant but she didn't think it was the right time. Now Emma does feel it's the right time and she knows she's got the right man. Seeing the other girls married and seeing how Jade is with Beau has made her think differently. For so long it was Emma who resisted the temptation to get married because she felt she wasn't ready."

I'm always suspicious when it says "the source" or "the insider" because you just know that they're getting the information from the woman at the Dry Cleaners who smells like Marlboro's and chicken.

Here's hoping that it's true. They've been together long enough and they have the baby now, it would be nice. Congratulations to the happy couple. What!?! I caved, I think it's true lol. I'm so weak.

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