Something Kinda Funny

After what was apparently a very successful (if not strange) contest last week to win a pair of Melanie B's false eyelashes that she wore on Dancing With The Stars, the official website is now holding a contest for one of the fans to win a pair of Melanie C's socks that she wore backstage last night before their first gig at the Staples Centre in LA.

All you have to do to enter this one, is send an email with your name, age and address to competitions@thespicegirls.com with the answer to this question.

What is the name of the solo hit that Melanie C performs in the Return Of The Spice Girls show?

I guess they're going to continue with these weird prize giveaways. I hope to God they wash those socks.

PS. to the person who won the eyelashes....Melanie was suffering from some sort of eye infection during the run of DWTS so......just be careful.

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