Poll Results # 6

This was clearly a no brainer lol. Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Season (despite the weather) and I hope you have all got your shopping done. The results are in from this weeks poll, the question was which single from the "Spice World" album has the best music video to accompany it? You only had four choices to choose from in this poll, the results in order of most voted for are....

Too Much (with 52% of the vote)

Spice Up Your Life (with 31% of the vote)

Stop (with 21% of the vote)

Viva Forever (with 5% of the vote)

We all loved the movie and likewise for the video from it. Thanks so much for voting. To the one person who voted for Viva Forever, don't you fret, this weeks question is for you and the underappreciated video. This weeks question is "Which tinmation Spice Girl fairy from the Viva Forever video is your favorite?" I'm glad you're all enjoying the site. Happy voting.

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