Melanie C @ The Mint

Last Night Melanie C played an acoustic gig at LA club The Mint to a crowd of 200 or so hyped up fans. The show which consisted of 11 songs from her fantastic solo career was also seen by a few Spicy friends. Victoria and Melanie B turned up at the show with their husbands David and Stephan to show their support and cheer along with the rest of the crowd, as well as Melanie's longtime beau Thomas Starr.

The songs Melanie sang were,

Beautiful Intentions
What If I Stay
Better Alone
Here & Now
Northern Star
Next Best Superstar
First Day Of My Life
When You're Gone
This Time
I Turn To You

There is no official word yet on Melanie's plans for other solo gigs during the Spice Tour but keep your eyes and ears peeled because if she does announce any they will probably be announced last minute. Melanie seems keen on re-establishing her solo career in North America and this tour is certainly helping her to raise money to put toward her record label "Red Girl Records", which she hopes to start adding new artists to when the tour is over.

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