Melanie B Blogs Of Sing-Along Songs

Here is the latest Spice Blog courtesy of Melanie B.

Alright you lot!

Wow, it's been a mental few days! Sorry this is late, I've been living it up in Las Vegas - haha.

We had a lot of fun in Vancouver and the US but its great to be back in England - even if it is bloody freezing!

Thanks to all of you that showed up to welcome us at Heathrow on Thursday after we flew home on Spice One, its so cool that we have a plane named in our honour!

Emma is doing well. She's been having treatment from David Beckham's doctor and has been resting since we arrived home.

We can't wait to get on stage at the 02. We've been looking forward to this show since we announced the dates in June... we are going to rock it!!

I'll be at Selfridges on Monday night (6pm) for a Christmas sing-along, so I'm sure I'll see some of you nutters down there.




That sounds like fun, I wanna sing carols with Mel.

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