Melanie Thanks You All

Melanie posted a message to her fans after that horrible results show last night. I still can't believe she didn't win. This is the exact same reason that I stopped watching American Idol, people are stupid when it comes to voting lol. I think I'll continue to watch Dancing though, it's a good show overall. Anyway, here's the message. Congrats once again to our Girl Mel!


I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you Spice fans who voted for me and Maks on Dancing With The Stars.

I didn't ever think we'd make it this far!!! I've had an absolute blast and the Girls coming to the show on Monday night was just amazing. Well done to Helio for winning (Grrrr... just kidding, ha ha ha!)

Your support over the last few weeks has been incredible. I'm back in Spice rehearsals today as we're putting the finishing touches to the show. It's going to be AWESOME.

You lot rock. See you on tour.

Mel B.

The Return Of The Spice Girls Tour kicks off in 4 days. Can't wait. Watch her fans build her a trophy or something lol. I could see that happening.
Oh by the way, did any of you Canadian fans see the adverts for the Spice Girls new Official Documentary "Giving You Everything"? It will be airing on CTV December 17th, just in time for Christmas. I'm very excited.

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